SUPER H'S NINJA Martial Arts Program.

Super Hs Ninja program is a structured Martial Arts program for under 5s. They are split in to two age groups 

1.Mini Super H Ninjas 18months - 36months (parent and toddler classes)

2.Super Hs Ninjas 3 - 5 years (Independant Learning)

Our aim is to develop children’s: 

Respect Balance Teamwork - Memory - Fitness Focus Co Ordination - Discipline 

all through Martial Arts training. In a fun, challenging and friendly environment.

Our Academy is equipped with many apparatus specifically for pre school children these include

Children’s equipment - Cross Trainers - Treadmills - Safety mats - Soft Play and much more.

Functional Fit

Functional Fit sessions are for all abilities. It is a workout using exercises that will help you in everyday life. It will increase fitness and develop your body all around helping you move more comfortably. This will develop your fitness and make it easier for you to burn calories and get the most out of your workout.

Full Body Workout!

Box Fit

Box Fit is a 45 min workout incorporating boxing in to a fitness work out. You will work with a partner hitting pads. You will develop your boxing skills, pad holding skills, and your fitness. Box Fit is also a excellent method to destress.

Suitable for all levels!


Circuit sessions 


Abs is what it says in the title! A free complimentary session to all members. Focusing solely on those abs. Work at your own pace and be pushed to your limits. To get those abs out.

Suitable for all levels!


HH HIIT is a high intensity workout designed by Hailey Hanson. Pushing you to your limits a intense workout  incorporating fitness, martial arts, boxing and strength training. 

Suitable for all levels!

Thai Fit

Thai Fit is a fitness workout using Muay Thai skills on thai pads. Learn may thai skills and get fit at the same time. You don't need to have any muay thai experience.

Suitable for all levels!

Tricks and Flips

Tricks and Flips is a combination of kicks, breaking, flips and gymnastic based movements, used to achieve an aesthetic display of combinations, also referred to as tricks.

Tricks and Flips is new to our academy. It is suitable for all levels even beginners.

Technical Kickboxing

Beginners - Intermediate - Advanced

Technical Kickboxing are sessions that solely focus on students wishing to pursue their black belt journey. On each class we specifically focus on developing students technical ability. Making sure each student perfects their techniques and is able to execute them to the standards that we deliver at our academy. Students that attend regular technical classes are able to participate in club gradings allowing them to progress through out Academy to fulfil their journey to become a black belt.

Homeschool Kickboxing

Homeschool Kickboxing is fun Kickboxing workout during school times. It is for children who do not attend school and are tutored at home. It allows them to stay active, and participate in some form of physical education while the rest of the children are doing theirs at school. It is highly recommend for children who are homeschooled. 

We incorporate, fitness, kickboxing, fun, team work, socialising, confidence building, leadership skills, and so much more.

Children's Kickboxing

Children's Kickboxing is a session for children aged 5 to 11 years. It is a fun hour long work out designed specifically for children. It is a excellent way to introduce your child to martial arts. 

We incorporate, fitness, kickboxing, fun, team work, socialising, confidence building, leadership skills, and so much more.

Fighters Sessions

Fighter Sessions are put together to gain better understanding of fighting and learn how to fight. It is not just for those wanting to fight, these sessions are suitable for all and those who ain't afraid of the nitty gritty side. 

Sports specific, padwork, body movement, sparring, fitness, strength and conditioning.