Hailey Hanson is now offering Mixed classes.

In addition to her ladies only classes. Our mixed classes are run totally separate to our female only sessions. Separate locations which allows us to continue to offer a female friendly environment for the females. With our mixed classes, we can now cater for everyone. Under the instruction of a champion Instructor. With over 23 years experience.


Hailey Hanson has participated in Martial Arts since 1998. She has a proven track record of her competitive performance from a young age. She has achieved world class level. Being a British and World Champion in Kickboxing. Through out her years of being a Instructor she has been broadcasted on BBC News, ITV News, Uganda NTV for her dedication and passion for encouraging female to particiapte in Martial Arts. She is a Award winning Instructor for both her Sporting background and business qualities. In November 2019, she recieved The Judges Award from The Birmingham Awards a widely known prestigous event in the Heart of Birmingham City Centre inside Birmingham Central Library. Which was the best award of the entire night. For her passion and committment to her business lifestyle.

female instruction

Over the years of running The Hailey Hanson Academy which was established in April 2015. The academy has welcomed women of all backgrounds, but has attracted prodiminanlty muslim women and young girls. We respect religous principles and understand the barriers and restrictions in place for Muslim women. We do not play music or allow any males on site. Hailey is sincerely passionate about brining Martial Arts for women. To one day hope she has a family of sisters that are able to devlop as a Martial Artist to the same standards as she has obtained. Just because her facilities attract prdominanlty Muslim women it does not mean we do not welcome women from all backgrounds. Everyone is welcome but we ask that you respect the principles of the club.

Beginners Technical Kickboxing Mondays 7:15pm

Standard of Instruction

We promote a very unique style of learning. That many Martial Arts clubs out there today do not offer. Haileys style of learning stems from a very strong Martial Arts background. Not just her years of experience but her knowledge and wisdom for her age is unique. Most young athletes dedicate their peak athletic years to competing. As Hailey is s passionate about teaching she has a lot to offer at such young age. With Martial Arts clubs opening within close proximately in every city. We promote high standards of teaching, we conduct smaller group sizes to focus on more teach student learning in our classes. Allowing the instructor to teach each student invidually. Hailey has produced some exceptional Martial Artists over her years of teaching. Each student has the opportunity to progress to black belt level should they wish to do so.