All training programs are specifically put together to suit each individual client. Hailey's personal training services are suitable for those would like to learn Martial Arts. 

As a private client you still gain access to our grading systems and being eligible to train towards your black belt, or fight training should you wish to fight. The opportunity is the same as our classes only you get to work on exactly what you would like to develop and gain from your sessions.

Hailey is a qualified personal trainer so if it is just weight lose/gain, toning up, fitness or general health. There is a training program for you.

There is no single pay as you go session. In theory there is no real benefit from one private one to one session. All training programs are put together for development over longer periods of time. So a block booking is required to receive a training program.

The training program procedure will consist of a consultation. This is where you will be assessed on your ability. Also a opportunity to gain a insight of how the sessions really feel, as it will cover a small training assessment. It is the time to let your trainer know any goals, anything that could affect your training or what your ambitions are with training.

A consultation is a one off fee for our trainers time and efforts.

After the consultation you can let your trainer know if you would like a training program put together and begin your training.