Focus Imagination

From early in life we all have a personality. Some what different to others and in other ways, we can be very similar. However we are all unique. 

Martial Arts always caught Hailey's attention. From a very young age she was fascinated and sold the instant she first laid her eyes on Martial Arts. 

A persons mindset will always differ as for Hailey, she explains how she found her focus in Martial Arts.

During her training sessions she is not satisfied with herself, if a door opens and she looks. If someone walked by and she looks or flinchs. This is her kind of focus.

If someone walks past you during a training session and you move out the way to offer them space, you have lost your focus. If someone walks past and you smile, it is the same again you've lost your focus. 

In other terms you have been distracted. On class this can lead to mistakes or poor performance.

After Hailey watched many Martial Arts movies. On class she states that she would always imagine herself in a movie and for the most part it was always from a action film or Martial Arts movie.

For example when Hailey performs a round kick. To obtain her balance and focus, she imagines scenes like the lady and the snake from The Karate Kid. If the lady lost her focus during this scene she is dead.

Watch it below

Over many years of training Hailey has mastered focused imagination. This is exactly what she does during training. This makes training some what exciting. As it does not matter where you train as your mind is totally involved and focused on yourself.

So the next time your are trying to train, or the next time you a fulfilling a task. Try focused imagination.

Take your mind away from the boring rows on class. The boring classroom scene, your mind has no limits.

Wednesday 10th October 2017

Teenage Focus

Every parent deals with a teenager who throws strops and can go from being the perfect child, to a absolute chore of a teenager. For some it can totally take over lives and for others maybe not so much.

Teenagers are going through the phase of learning how to regulate their emotions. In the UK this can be quite a challenging time for parents and teenagers. As it comes at a time where we expect the most from them.

With so many exams and peer pressure, household problems. 

Q: How should a teenager actually behave?

A: There is no right answer, every teenager is unique. Every teenager shares a different lifestyle. Even if some are similar how everyone deals with it are all unique in itself.

So today Hailey shares her top 10 tips. For parents to support their teenagers. Rather than demand, stress and expect so much from them.

1. Don't take teenage strops too serious.

2. Being a parent is important, but so is communication. Even if your teenager never talks to you. Always re assure them, your ears are always open to listen.

3. Do not break your trust. If a teenager finds out you have shared their secrets, or private words. Don't expect any teenage crisis updates anytime soon.

4. Don't be negative if you are not satisfied with grades, or something he/she is pursuing. Instead you can say...I noticed you have not done your revision today, how about we try and arrange a day to do it. Do you need help with anything? Instead of why have you not revised!

5. Encourage your teenager to pursue what he/she wants to do. Even if your daughter/son wanting to be a Father/Mother really is not of your expectations. Find ways to encourage their passion and dreams, in to your expectations. To help meet with each other and share goals together.

6. Affirm their strengths, let them know how good they are in certain aspects and encourage them to try new things and be open minded, especially when it comes to learning. 

7. Build vision in to teenagers. This should always be encouraged. Children have the most amazing imagination, yet as we grow in to adults we develop fears and unless we continue education. Our minds are forever shrinking and becoming comfort in its current state of mind.

8. elaborate as parent/guardians we have years on our children of life experience. Help them visualize their passion. Tell them success stories, tell them about the gritty side of this dream. 

9. Believe in your teenager and let them know you do. Tell them why they can. Where you start in life has nothing to do with how and where you finish. 

10. Help them gain direction. This is more important than money. Everyone has their own foundation and if we find this. We find focus, purpose and live a meaningful life. Help your teenager pursue things he believes in.

Tuesday 9th January 2018

This article was taken from Solihull College Website. Taking it back a few years now. Hailey was interviewed by her College on her World Title win.

Friday, 31 January, 2014

A 22-year-old Solihull College graphic arts student has competed against hopefuls from over a hundred and twenty countries to win the current prestigious Unified World Kickboxing Champion title. Hailey Hutton, who won the title earlier this month in Italy, is now planning on inspiring other young people into sport.

Hailey was encouraged to start kickboxing by her mum back in 1998 suggesting it may help improve her confidence, and she has never looked back. Hailey was selected by Team England this year to compete further in the World Championships and so far this year, Hailey has earned a prestigious 1 Dan Blackbelt, along with competing for the country in Italy.

Speaking about her win, Hailey comments: “€œI am really proud to achieve what I have; it has helped with my confidence and keeping me driven with my studies. I will definitely compete again next year and hopefully help others into sport”€.

Hailey was inspired into not only the sport but into living a healthy lifestyle but her late uncle, who sadly passed away last year. It was dealing with this grief that helped motivate Hailey: “I was really close to my uncle and he was always telling me to keep up the kickboxing and to always try hard in what I do. I feel he would be proud with what I’ve achieved this year and I hope I can continue with the success”.

Due to the support she has received from the College for her competing and training, Hailey is also determined to continue her studies and she plans to progress to the HND Graphic Design in September after completing Access to Graphics.

Hailey’s tutor, Ziggy Tashi said she is a real inspiration to other young people: “She has always managed to successfully balance her study with her punishing training regime. A budding visual artist and a kickboxing warrior all rolled into one. Her classmates gave her such a warm welcome as she returned from her successful title fight in Italy. We all sang her the Queen’s “We are the Champions”. She was most embarrassed.”€

To find out more about the Graphic Design courses offered at Solihull College please follow this link or call 0121 678 7000.

Saturday 30th December 2017

On Friday 29th December, Our club got together to celebrate a year of excellence. Rewarding students who have showed real character and great skill.

Unlike most clubs that are associated and run by a male Instructor. This club is unique to the Midlands and stands alone. It really is a female friendly environment through and through.

"I am so adamant in what I do."

This has allowed so many women and girls to walk through the doors and learn Kickboxing. I don't believe it is all just kicks and punches. It is about growing in character and discovering who you are.

A massive well done to my students they truly are amazing!

Work hard. Stay humle!

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Friday 22nd December 2017

Higher Self

As individuals you all have a higher self. If you are forever listening to every little thing in the outside world, how will you ever be the best you can be. If the world was taken away today and everything you possess. You would realise who you are. With so many distractions, people saying and doing things. The only way to channel yourself and connect with your own self is to be more aware and conscious. It is important to remember to switch off from the outside world and connect with the internal. Who you actually are, this will bring out your higher self.

You will never find what you are searching for outside. As much as we have resources and help available. Everything you are looking for is internal, thats why from time to time you may feel lost outside. Your in the wrong place.

Hailey Hansons top 10 tips to finding your higherself

1. Trust your intuition

2. Keep a good mind state

3. Have the right intention

4. Lose your ego

5. Have no resistance

6. Meditate

7. Focus on the internal

8. Attract relationships that reflect your higher self

9. Have faith

10. Believe in your potential

Friday 22nd December 2017

Hailey Hanson Kickboxing Awards 2017

Celebrating a year of excellence at 

The Hailey Hanson Academy. 

Friday 29th December 2017

6pm - 8pm

Aesthetic Training Centre


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Thursday 14th December 2017


As much as we all live completely different lifestyles, as some point in life we all experience stress. Stress is  is how we feel in a threatening situation. It can cause some of us to feel under pressure. Others react to stress which creates anxiety. Both are manageable some will suffer more than others. Whether or not there is a cure for anxiety. As much as we don't want stress. Finding strategies, coping methods and techniques can improve ones mindstate and help manage both. They are both certainly manageable. 

Coping with stressful situations is not just about dealing with such situations. In order to improve ones mental wellness and mindstate. The whole state of mind needs to change. See it as a new stage of growth. Even if you have been strong before. How about forgetting it all and starting fresh. Be better, be stronger nothing like before. Lets create something new, stronger and more efficient.
changing how you react and control situations is a vital approach to making a new start.

You are in control of your own life. Its nobodies/anythings fault. If you feel something/someone provokes these situations, then its important to find the courage to avoid it. 

Prevention is better than cure.

Find a list below of Haileys top 10 methods. 

1. Lavender helps anxiety calms the nervous system. Which relaxes the mind & body.

2. Yoga

3. Relaxing Music

4. Guided Visualization

5. A long drive on a open road (with relaxing music)

6. De stress at the gym followed by steam/sauna

7. Walk

8. Breathing Techniques

9. Praying

10. Improving your mindset

Wednesday 13th December 2017

The Benefits of Stretching

Flexibility is an art in itself. Anyone can stretch but it is a profound skill for someone to master their flexibility. Just like any skill Flexibility can certainly be developed, because you are not flexible. It does not mean that you cannot improve and get better. Flexibility is fascinating, Martial Artist, gymnastics, ballerinas and yogi’s who master their flexibility are able to perform and create beautiful movements through their range of motion. Without the correct stretching routines and warms ups none of it would be possible. A good warm up and stretch is just as if not more important than the workout. It prepares our bodies for the short term and long term. Take a look at some of the benefits of stretching

1.Enhanced ability to perform skilled movements

2. Mental and physical relaxation

3. Reduced risk of injury to joints, muscles and tendons

4. Enhanced Development

5. Reduced muscle tension

6. Enhanced muscle cordination

7. Reduced muscle sorenes

8. Can increase stamina

9. Improve energy levels

10. Promotes blood circulation

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Tuesday 12th December 2017

Today at 4pm tune in to the Urban Youth show on Unity FM 93.5

With Hailey Hanson & Hasfa Rehman

because we love our youth community!
Monday 11th December 2017

Take a look at Haileys new website. Weve made some changes to help her improve her services. 

Here is a little motivational video put together by Hailey. This was made at 1:30am, to highlight what she does.

Sunday 10th December 2017

Join us in December 2017 and receive 20% off your membership. Offer valid from 10/12/2017 until 29/12/2017.
Check out the ladies and girls Ninja snowmans built over the weekend.

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Saturday 9th December 2017

Due to heavy snow forecast the club will be closed this weekend. However that does not mean you cannot keep active. Make sure you wrap up and stay safe.
Friday 8th December 2017

Hailey was invited down to Unity FM's recording studio (the UKs largest Muslim community radio station). She was interviewed by Hasfa Rehman for there Urban Youth show. Tune in Tuesday 12th December 2017, listen to her personal life experiences and motives behind her success. She tells us why sports is important for the younger generation and shares her tips on inspiration.
Thursday 7th December 2017

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After two successful Homeschool programs. We are pleased to announce that we will be running another program. 

The program caters for girls who recieve Homeschool education. Studies have shown that Homeschool education fitness plans at home are 51% use a text book, 17% use digital resource and 33% have no fitness plan in place. 

Physical activity is very important for anybody. The younger we learn, the less effort and chore it will be as we grow older. 

The Homeschool programs were put together by Hailey Hanson who is passionate about Homeschool education. The program welcomes girls as young as 4 years old to participate. Through out the program, it covers Kickboxing, Self Defense, Fitness, Stretching.

All our classes offer a grading system. Which allows each student to start training towards a Black Belt.